My wife’s delivering in 2 months. We live in Bangkok. Help!!

I’m starting this blog because I am about to become a dad for the first time. And, as I am sure you will learn from reading my posts, I have no idea what I am doing.

So don’t come here for “how to” lists just yet. That would probably be dangerous. In fact, if the first seven months of our pregnancy have taught me anything (and my wife Jammie will freely attest to this), I can tell you all about how NOT to handle a few pregnancy-related things from personal experience.

Huge baby rearing holes in my resume

I’ve never changed a diaper. I’m pretty sure I’ll suck at it when I get started in July.

I have only very occasionally been roped into attending baby showers — usually under duress and always living in fear of having to take part in some nasty guess-what-the-baby-ate game where grown adults smell fake poop.

I’m scared of holding newborn babies in case they break. There’s so much to remember and whenever I try, they start bawling and want their parents… or pretty much anyone else.

I did some babysitting once when I was 17 and it still ranks high on my list of categorical failures in life. When the parents of the three little cherubs returned, their two-year-old was a screaming mess and his three- and four-year-old sisters were a frenzy of unrestrained chaos that I was powerless to subdue. I’ve never tried babysitting again.

Still there?

So why bother with this blog? Well, if you are still reading I assume you might be curious about how a newbie dad is processing the prospect of parenting. I promise to be honest. And I’ll make sure that I deliver the following:

We're smiling because we have no idea what we are doing...
We’re smiling because we have no idea what we are doing…

Unvarnished, real stories: I’ll be real with you because, frankly, some of the most annoying stuff I’ve read lately has been fuzzy, b.s. parenting tips that waste your time and leave you with an unrealistic picture of what goes down. I’ll tell you how each milestone unfolds, how it felt and I’ll go into detail. You can tell me in the comments when I go over-board.

I’ll be upfront about my screw-ups: You’ll hear about my missteps, my paranoia and see me take each step of what I am sure will be a very steep learning curve.

All the good stuff I’ll share too: Anything helpful that comes along (sites, apps, toys, tools, sage advice from grandmas), I’ll pass on to you. And I’m a nerd so I expect to eventually unearth quite a few resources that might make all our lives easier…

This will be a two-way convo:I am sure that I can learn a ton of helpful things from you, the reader. So I’ll definitely be active in the comment sections, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. So hit me up with your comments, corrections and questions.

I’ll tell you about pregnancy and parenting overseas:This won’t be your typical parenting blog. Jammie and I have decided to have Journie (yep, we’ve picked a name) in Bangkok, Thailand, where we currently live. And we want to raise her all around the world. (For more on our globetrotting approach to life, check out the About Bjorn page.) So this will also be a travel-with-baby blog when we take our first international trips later this year.

For now though, thanks for checking out this international, newbie daddy blog. As I said, feel free to leave me tips or questions or to openly correct me on my posts in the comment section. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

18 thoughts on “My wife’s delivering in 2 months. We live in Bangkok. Help!!”

  1. You’like do great! Congratulations to you and your wife again… My only advise is strap in and enjoy the ride… It will be a fast bumpy one…lol

      1. The sheeple love to say SEE lots of child stars turned out just fine. Yes, because of their good parents! There is a REASON some child stars turned out okay. And wo&l3nu#d9;t you know it, Kate is not doing ANYTHING these parents did right.

  2. As a recent dad, one thing I wished someone told me up front is: first three months are going to be HELL. We were just squinting at each other in our sleep deprived haze thinking: “what have we done?! Our lives are over!” Hang in there, it gets better and easier after three months, but parenthood does come with a nasty initial kick to the gluteus maximus.

  3. Great idea. Can’t wait to follow your adventures. And I’m sure you will be a great dad.

  4. Bjorn,

    You and your wife will do great! Don’t believe the hype about how bad parenting is in the beginning. Ya, the baby will get up a few times a night. It’s not awful. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with your son or daughter and be there for them. You will learn to enjoy it. Eventually, you’ll train your child to sleep at night and be awake during the day (except for nap time), and life will become more normal in the schedule department. Kids are amazing, and your baby will enrich your life fundamentally. Your marriage will also grow and blossom as you both learn how to be a team with raising this little treasure. I look forward to seeing you both become amazing parents!


    1. Spoken from a man that knows!! Thanks, Josh! Looking forward to some sushi and a major disagreement:)

  5. Love the name you have chosen! It’s definitely going to be an adventure while you’re on an adventure. Looking forward to the new blog.

  6. I’m going to love this! My best advise is to not listen to too much advise. Everyone is different, every parent is different and every child will blow your mind in a different way. Do what feels right for your family, and don’t let anyone tell you your wrong for doing it! (Unless it’s clearly dangerous) good luck you’ll be awesome!

    1. I love the “unless it’s clearly dangerous” caveat! Sage words, Toni, thanks fellow Stanbroughian:)

  7. “When the parents of the three little cherubs returned, their two-year-old was a screaming mess and his three- and four-year-old sisters were a frenzy of unrestrained chaos that I was powerless to subdue”… ha ha ha 😀 Brilliant.

    1. I think this will be a very fun venture with you. Probably the most memorable experience that Don had when Laura was born was one night when we were living in Zaire. I heard a mournful cry of help and I raced into the living room where Don was holding Laura. I thought something bad had happened, but not…he was holding Laura out at arm’s length. Her diaper had leaked with poo poo…and not fake either like you smell at showers. You will have much to learn, but it comes more naturally than you think. The most important thing is to continue to dedicate your child to God each and every day and that you pray that you will show who Jesus is through your parenting because children can see God through the eyes of their fathers. Congratulations. By the way, Bjorn. I have been going through cards and photos from years ago and I came across one that you gave me for my birthday. You told me Happy Birthday and that you were a huge fan of me! I was so touched…hopefully I am still that way in your eyes! Have a great day. Looking forward to your next post. Have a good day. Hugs to Jammie too. She is the one who is probably starting to feel uncomfortable. By the way, taking the kids to travel when they are very young (i.e. baby) is a great way to make them more flexible. Living overseas also makes them more interesting.

      1. Hahahha! I’m so glad you kept that card! Yes, I am still a huge Peggy fan! And not the least for the amazing advice.. I’ll think of you during my first international diaper emergency;)

  8. Don’t worry so much over the baby phase /childhood so much. Just pray you can afford the therapy your child And you will both need when they hot teen-hood…

    1. Kristina, for 16 people make it 2.5 times the ingredients, and if you have some leftover the;l#8217y&l be gone soon E.g., 1.5 lb of meat and potatoes, would come up to some 3.75 lb or 1/5 lb/person, etc.

  9. I have had many good and recognising laughs reading through your blog and the comments. I particularly liked the one made by Peggy.
    Do not worry so much, with God’s help and guidance you and Jammie will grow into parenthood and any mistakes you make are important learning points.

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