Scariest three words ever: “It’s a girl”

I’m not going to lie.  I was pretty sure our first baby was going to be a boy.  When I was told the opposite was true I was shocked.  I asked our OB to check again at the next ultrasound.  She did.  “This is definitely a girl,” she assured me.

I was completely unprepared for what happened as the realization that we were having a daughter sunk in. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the kind of hyper-protective urge that I didn’t even know I was capable of having. I felt a very visceral kind of fear that I am wondering if I will now have for life.  Fear that someone would harm Journie and that I wouldn’t be able to help her.

It was a very strange feeling for me.   I am surrounded by strong females in my life.  They are more than capable of defending themselves.  My wife Jammie, for example, is the last person people should ever mess with.  She  would tear them to shreds.  She is quick, she is feisty and she doesn’t let others take advantage of her.

But Journie isn’t even born yet and I am already worried about her first date.  Is that normal?  How about the fact that soon after getting the news that I was having a daughter, “Guys are perverts,” was one of my more nuanced reflections. Probably not the most helpful or constructive way of digesting the otherwise happy news of our first baby’s imminent arrival, but that’s how I felt.

I now understand and empathize with the shotgun-wielding, overly protective middle-aged dads that I used to mock.  Whereas I used to think of them as total over-reactors, I now totally get it.  They were scared too. Seriously, give me a few years and I may even join their ranks.

On a different note, nothing has made me more of a Girl Power campaigner than the news that we are having a daughter. I mean, I’ve always fancied myself an open-minded, equal opportunity kind of guy but this little soon-to-arrive girl has just taken it next level. Now when I think about workplace or other gender discrimination I get pissed off just hypothetically thinking about Journie being treated unfairly.

But let’s end on a positive. For the first time in my life I now walk into children’s clothing sections of stores and start looking at baby girl clothes.  There is way too much to choose from.  Even for babies, female clothing sections eclipse offerings for males. I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing as I look at baby dresses and Hello Kitty onesies but it’s fun. Somehow it makes everything more real. I probably won’t be buying anything on my own though as Jammie has far better taste in dress and Thai stores aren’t big on returns.

16 thoughts on “Scariest three words ever: “It’s a girl””

  1. Don’t worry- with the genes she’s got, the baddies will soon learn that Mr Sweden’s great grand daughter is not to be trifled with. Uuarghhh!! 😀

      1. Je lis tes misères, avec un jour de retard sur les autres. Pour un Noël, c’est le combese faire renverser par un camion, et se retrouver dans hôpital aussi minable que çà.Je ne savais pas que cela existait.Un orteil cassé, ce n’est pas grave, mais que c’est douloureux, et en &l&,ao; merduntq araquo; pour en avoireu un de cassé, et en hiver, pour me chausser se fut dur. Et en hiver, les bottes pour lesenlever le soir, j’avais du mal à me dechausser.Bon Noël; je vais lire tes autres articles.

  2. We need to go shooting again. You’ll need the practice.

    Congrats by the way. The thought of you having a kid makes me smile every time I think of it. Mostly because there is no possible way you could ever prepare for having your first kid and despite everyone giving you advice you will have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

    1. I DO want to hit that shooting range again. Then we should try tactical shooting too… Just saw a documentary on that, it looked fun.

      And I am glad that my parenting inexperience is bringing you so much enjoyment…:)

  3. This is great news, Bjorn! But, there’s nothing wrong with your thinking; some men just feel like that, and it’s natural! Like Gerry said, there’s no way to prepare for your first child whether boy or girl, but the feelings are real. She will definitely be a winner having you two for parents. I’m so happy for you and hope Jammie has a great rest of her pregnancy and that baby and Mommie are just fine! How exciting and like you said scary at the same time. Wait’til you hold her for the first time; she’ll win your heart and make you feel closer to God for having created such a beautiful baby girl!

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  4. We are excited about our little granddaughter soon to be born and are sure she will soon learn to stand up for herself. It does not depend on what race you are but your personality and in the long run your contribution to society.
    Wishing you and Jammie happy parenthood. Parents need to be both slow and quick-slow to anger and quick to love and forgive.

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    2. ma, mie mi s-a mai spus ca imi sta bine mai “implinit”, desi mie nu imi place cum arat, cu un strop de burta (in scadere de tura asta). cand am ajuns la 90 de kile am zis halt, gata cu delasarea. problema e ca am observat ca te ingrasi mai repede de la lipsa de somn si de la stres decat de la bere si haleala. am redus haleala, bere beau la echinoctii si la solstitii si incerc sa fac si un pic de miscare. problema e ca lipsa de somn (because of the job, 5-6 ore din minimul de 8 ore dormite) isi spune cuvantul si treaba merge de doua ori mai incet. dar merge …

    3. Halo Wayan… aku duga itu api kompormu terlalu besar sehingga panas ovennya terlalu tinggi alhasil kue cepat naik dan cepat gosong. Coba dikurangi api kompornya, memang harus banyak berlatih untuk mengenali api kompor dan ovennya yan…

    4. Survival of the fittest. Also received the mail and the Monster Google ads also appeared next to it. Made me laugh.I don’t think Vacature is wrong in doing so. They clearly made a (commercial) statement and that’s their good right. But got to admit, from the moment i knew this was just another ‘sales’ newsletter, i stopped reading

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